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Tribalation at Saturday Market stage, Eugene Celeb

Recent events, 2013: 
Jun 30, Salem World Beat Amphitheater Stage with Cira and dancers, Salem OR
Jun 15, BDUSA Evening Show with Cassandra & others, Canyonville, OR
May 12, An Evening of Belly Dance with Razia & others, Cozmic, Eugene
April 27, Saqra's Showcase performance with Idena, Emily Alrick & others
April 20, Belly Dance Show with Corvallis Belly Dance Performance Guild, Corvallis, OR
Mar 9, Belly Dance in America show with Grace Constantine, Nemra Kahn and many others. Ridgefield, WA.
February 17, Asian Celebration with Tribalation, Eugene, OR

Recent events, 2012: 

Sat. Oct. 13.  MEDGE Fall Festival. Americanistan and dancers Cozmic Pizza.

Sat. Sept. 22. Atrium Concert Series. Americanistan and dancers.

Sat. Aug 25. Saturday Market Stage for Eugene Celebration.
Americanistan, AzhaarTribal Belly Dancers; Raqs Zeina, Dunyah and Elena Villa.

Sat. July 28.
Americanistan, Kindred Tribal and Melissa perform at the Drift Inn, Yachats, Oregon.

Sat. July 14. 
Americanistan with Amani, Raqs Zeina, Susan Moran, Devi Safir, and others at Zumwalt Campground for the OCF.

Fri. July 13.
  Gypsy Stage, Oregon Country Fair.  Americanistan and dancers Karolina, Tracy Windisch, Bevin Victoria and Danielle Elizabeth.  

Sat. June 2.  Flamenco and Belly Dance Show with Americanistan, District 19 Flamenco, and Elena Villa! Cozmic, Eugene, OR. 

Sat. June 23. Drum Workshop and Evening Show. Roseburg, OR. Sponsored by Mezdulene.

Sat. May 12.  Americanistan presents workshop on "Dancing to Live Music" and performs in the evening show. High Plains Belly Dance Performance Guild, Bend.

Fri.  Apr 20.  
Americanistan and Amani perform for Opening Night of the play "Arabian Nights," Robinson Theater, UO campus.

Sat. Apr 14, 2pm.  Americanistan, Dunyah and Melissa  perform as part of the Emerald Chamber Players concert series at the Atrium, 99 W, 10th, Eugene. Free

Sat. Mar 24, 8pm. 
Dunyah & others perform at Home Style Belly Dance Revival!  sponsored by Janikea. The Downtown Beanery, Corvallis. More info here.

Sun. Mar 11, 6:45pm.  Americanistan presents the musical Prelude for  Interfaith Prayer Service International. 1166 Oak St., Eugene.

Thurs. Mar 1, 5-9:00pm. 
Americanistan, Melissa and Dunyah perform at LCC's "Hadshi Bneen: A Moroccan Feast for the Senses," presented by the Culinary Arts Department. Lane Community College, Building 19.

Sun. Feb 19, Asian Celebration with Tribalation and Dunyah.

Recent events, 2011: 
Sat. Dec. 24, 3:00pm.  Americanistan performs at Holiday Market with Razia, Dunyah and others tba. Lane Events Center, Eugene, OR.

Sat. Nov. 12, 8:30pm.
Americanistan performs at Saqra's Fall Festival, Hillsboro, OR.

Sat. Nov. 5.
Wayne Omar and Dunyah of Americanistan perform & teach at Bellie Danse Hafla 2011, Boise, ID 

Sat. Oct. 22, 7:00pm. Americanistan performs at the MEDGE Fall Festival, Cozmic Pizza, Eugene.

Sat. Sept. 24, 6:30pm. 
Americanistan, Angela Palmer and Yemaya! Drift Inn, Yachats, OR

Fri. Sept. 2, First Friday Art Walk.
Americanistan, Sabrina, Elena Villa, Melissa and Jamara perform.

Sat. Aug 27, 1pm. Saturday Market Eugene Celebration Stage.
Americanistan, Kindred Tribal, Sabine

Sat & Sun Aug 27/28. Ambient performances at Eugene Celebration with Kindred Tribal, Dunyah and Luminessah.

Fri. Aug 26, Belly Dance Show for Eugene Celebration at Cozmic Pizza, with
Americanistan, Melissa, Jamara, Dunyah and Luminessah

Sun. Jul 10, 3pm. Gypsy Stage, Oregon Country Fair.
Americanistan, Kindred Tribal, Gypsy Heart and Tribalation!

Sat. Jul 9, dusk, Zumwalt.
Belly dance show with live music by Americanistan, performances by Amani, Devi Safir, Susan Moran, Tribal Mayhem, &  Gypsy Heart

Sun. Jun 26, Salem World Beat Festival.  Hafla! with live music by Americanistan and many dancers

Mon. Apr 11, 6:45pm. Interfaith Prayer Service in honor of the memory of Anna Armaiti. 
Prelude music by Americanistan. First Christian Church, 10th & Oak, Eugene.

Sat. Mar 5, Belly Dance Festival sponsored by Mezdulene, with live music by Americanistan. Dance performances by Dunyah and others. Sutherlin, Oregon. More details coming soon.

Past Events, 2010: 

Fri. Dec. 24. Americanistan and special guest dancers Annette, Sabrina, Dona and Dunyah close the Holiday Market. Lane Events Center, Eugene

Sat. Dec. 18. Corvallis Belly Dance Performance Guild Holiday Party
with live music by Americanistan. Art Center, Corvallis.

Sun. Dec. 4, Cira's
Winter Recital with live music by Americanistan. RJ Studio, Salem.

Fri. Nov. 19, 8:30pm. MEDGE Live Music Night featuring Nov. Americanistan and dancers. Cozmic Pizza, Eugene.

Nov. 13. Saqra's 2nd Annual Fall Showcase and Competitioin. Live music show with Americanistan on Saturday evening at 8:00pm. Workshop and performance by Dunyah.

Sat. Sept. 18, Belly Dance Show at Holy Donuts, Eugene.

Fri Sept. 3, Virgo Birthday Bash, Americanistan with dancers Shoshanna and others. Old World Deli, Corvallis, OR.

Sat Aug 28, Eugene Celebration's  Saturday Market Stage. Americanistan with Tribalation, Dunyah and others.

 Fri. Aug 27, Eugene Celebration's Cozmic Pizza Stage.  Americanistan with dancers Amani, Luminessah, Dunyah and others.

Fri. Aug 13, Belly Dance Show at Holy Donuts, Eugene.

Sun. Aug 8, 15, 22, 29. Americanistan and Sabine provide pre-show entertainment for Free Shakespeare in the Park. Amazon Park, Eugene.

Sun Jul 25, Peace & Pie in the Park. Americanistan provides music for the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation's annual event in Alton Baker Park.

Sat. Jul 10, Zumwalt Campground. Americanistan and dancers Maia Alexandra, Devi Safir, Susan, Dunyah, and more. Official campground of the Oregon Country Fair.

Sun. Jun 27, Americanistan at the Ampitheatre Stage & World Showcase Stage, Salem World Beat Festival, Riverfront Park, Salem. Performance at Amphitheatre Stage with Cira, Deena, Dunyah, Devi Safir, and many others. Musical set at World Showcase Stage.

Sat. Feb. 27, An Evening of Belly Dance! with Americanistan, Salome Bahar, Dunyah, Elena Villa, Amani, Cira and Jennifer! Davis Restaurant, 94 West Broadway, Eugene, OR. Venue phone: (541) 485-1124. All ages show.

Sun. Feb 21, Americanistan, Tribalation! and Dunyah at Asian Celebration,
Lane Events Center. Free.

Sat. Feb 13, Mezdulene's Tribal Oasis Evening Show with Americanistan and dancers tba. Sutherlin, OR.

Sat. Feb. 6, Live music by Americanistan and belly dancing by Susan & Friends. Alexander's Greek Cuisine, Roseburg, OR.

Sun. Feb. 7. Rhythms of the Middle East - Drum and Percussion Workshop with Wayne Omar and Dunyah. Celebration Belly Dance and Yoga Studio, Eugene.

Fri. Jan 29. Dunyah performs at Florence Belly Dance Guild show with Angelina, Dina, Mahiri Ma Dancers and more! Riley's Pub & Steakhouse, Florence, OR.

Fri. Jan 15.
Dunyah performs at MEDGE show, Cozmic Pizza.

Tribalation! at Saturday Market w/ Americanistan
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Jeannie at Luna, 10/27/07
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Ananda w/the band at Health & Well Being Celeb.
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