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Americanistan 2015
(Updated 4/21/15)

Americanistan. Photo by Guy Masson

Americanistan has been performing for over 20 years, in many different settings and from the West to the East Coast. Americanistan is dedicated to bringing you the very best of acoustic world music.
Frankly, it isn't easy to gather, maintain, and play some of the world's most beautiful traditional musical instruments such as qanun, ney flute, oud, hurdy gurdy, violin, zurna, harmonium, and hand drums.  We also incorporate vocals, chant and harmonic singing in our music.
And the instruments are delicate - they don't like climate change, they come with fragile reeds and breakable strings. But we think that the charm and magnificence of these instruments makes all the effort worthwhile.
So you can be assured that we will never cut any corners - no drum machines, no synths -  in giving you the very best authentic, acoustic music ensemble we can attain.
If we can't all be transported to a time centuries ago, where we sang, played and danced around the fire after a hard day's travel thrugh the desert, at least we can do our best to recreate that experience in a way that is spiritually true to us all.
Our goal is to create exciting, dynamic, beautiful music for our audiences and for the dancers whose performances we play for.
We have created six CDs of original and traditional music. Most are available for downloads on CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon.
We also create special concerts featuring the music of the Mediterranean and Middle East, inviting musical guests, and performing traditional and original pieces.


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