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Christmas chant

Wayne playing mijwiz
Photo by Fred Heryncx

Wayne with hurdy gurdy
Hurdy Gurdy Man

"My passion," says musician Wayne Omar Gilbertson, "equals drones and drums. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. A sruti box and drum awakens me, and rhythms draw me in."
Wayne "Omar" Gilbertson is Americanistan's lead drummer, player of the mystical ney and rowdy zurna, and extraordinary singer of chants.
Besides playing passionate (and sometimes funny) music for belly dancers, Wayne also writes poetry and would like to share with you his original composition "Fashionable New Ozone Hats," a lament featuring his vocals and drumming. This piece was featured on KLCC radio's Northwest Passage show for Earth Day 2005.
Click here to hear "Fashionable New Ozone Hats"
Click here to see an informal video of a recent performance with Dunyah
Hear Wayne Chant.
"Temple Dancer"  Original composition by Wayne "Omar" Gilbertson. Features Wayne's ney, chanting, and lyrics. Inspired by the spiritual side of life and a tribute to all the "Temple Dancers."
Video of Wayne and Dunyah performing at "Bellydance Revival Show" March 24, 2012 
Meanwhile, you can read these articles:
"Drumming on the Edge of Magic,"  About Wayne, originally appeared in Caravan Trails magazine in 2004. (Scroll down the page to see the article.)
All sound clips copyright by Wayne Gilbertson, 2005.

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