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Welcome! Ahlan Wa Sahalan!
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Updated 03/15/15

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*NEW*  Our more recent content has shifted to our Facebook page, visit us there at:
 NEW*  We have released a new CD titled "Beautiful Nights: Trancey Strings and Droney Things", comprised of lovely, slow music for listening or dancing. All acoustic instruments such as hurdy gurdy, oud, violin, kanoon, harmonium, flute, and vocals. Six traditional tunes, including "Manavu," "Lammah Badah," and a slow version of "Aya Zein,"  and six originals, such as "Nordic Lights," "Temple Dancer," and "Desert Waltz." Listen to samles on CDBaby: and also available on iTunes and other sites.

Digital Downloads - Americanistan CDs now available on iTunes and CDBaby!

*NEW*   Our Mosaic CD is now available on CD Baby here - Both digitial downloads and actual CDs! Check it out.
"Journey East" on iTunes. (and  on CDBaby here. )
"Live at Luna" on iTunes here (and on CDBaby here. )
"Tribalation!" on iTunes here (and on CDBaby here.)

Americanistan performs music inspired by the Middle East and Mediterranean. Bellydance music is our specialty. Ethnic instruments such as the kanun, harmonium and ney flute are paired with the rhythms of the dumbek, tambourine, and frame drum.

Americanistan frequently appears in shows featuring our music as well as performances by special guest dancers. We also perform at concerts, festivals, workshops, belly dance shows, parties, weddings, and other special occasions. 

Our musicians are available for studio work for film, plays, radio, etc. We can create the exotic, ethnic sounds you are after, on your time line. All of our musicians are adept at improvisation and we also compose. We can play anything from authentic ethnic tunes to music that creates a mood.

Click here to learn more about our CDs.

Click here
to listen to sound clips of our various instruments
. These include: oud, cumbus saz, bouzuq, siyatanka (Native American flute), Gypsy clarinet, zurna, duduk, kanoon, harmonium, Mediterranean bagpipes, Celtic harp, dumbek, frame drum, arabic tambourine (riqq), chant, vocals, and more! We play over thirty acoustic ethnic instruments in all.

For booking information, contact us at Or call 541-513-9345. We are based in Eugene, Oregon, and are available to travel throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, Canada, and beyond.

Find inspiration through the
poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, read articles on music and dance, visit our photo galleries for beautiful images.

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